Destination Selection Control (DSC)

Quicker journeys with fewer stops. Less crowding in the elevator lobby. Greater flexibility in elevator core layout designs. Potential to reduce the elevator core by up to 30%. These are just a few of the benefits that come with using ThyssenKrupp’s intelligent control system, Destination Selection Control (DSC).

By getting passengers to enter their desired destination floor on a key-pad in the elevator lobby, before entering a elevator, our DSC system can group passengers with the same destination in the same car. Journeys that are frequently interrupted by one or two passengers entering and exiting the elevator, delaying your arrival at your floor, are kept to a minimum with our intelligent control system.

Shortening passengers travel time raises the overall handling capacity of the whole elevator system by getting empty elevator cars where they’re needed sooner. In many cases this can lead to potential reductions in the number of elevator shafts by up to 30%, with all the financial benefits that that brings to the developer of the building.

The Destination Selection Control system can be applied to new buildings and existing elevator groups, allowing additional passenger carrying capacity and reducing waiting and journey times without any major engineering work to the building.

Additional functions can also be incorporated, including pre programmed journeys using a swipe card or numeric PIN code, corporate branding on the touch screen terminal graphics and VIP/emergency call overrides to gain immediate access to an elevator.

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